Hand-Tossed Wings

Keep your meal options hot and flavorful with DT Wings & Greens. We have 12 fiery wing options and specialty sauces. You are sure to get a kick out of our food.

Fresh Greens

From light and crisp salads to fresh sides, DT Wings & Greens offers quality ingredients for everybody. Check out our vegetarian menu for even more flavor.

Other Things

Need somewhere to watch a game? Come to DT Wings & Greens for a full night of great food and entertainment. It's sure to be a victory for your team and your taste buds. Keep updated with our specials and events! Call today to learn more at 307-337-2222.

We Offer Delivery

For when your sports game is too intense to leave the house, DT Wings & Greens is here for you. We can deliver your favorite flavors while you carry on watching your favorite team. (Weather Permitting!)


DT Wings & Greens is a fast and casual restaurant in Casper, WY, that offers some of the best wings in town. If you're a wings and sports fan, this is the place for you. If you don't like either of those things, we still have something you'd like. We can do other things than just wings. Catch a side salad with your 10-piece set or go green and make an entire meal from natural flavors and ingredients.

We have a blazing environment with big screens and a multitude of channels to watch your big game. But, if you can't make it to our spot, let us bring the wings to you. We offer a delivery service for those moments when the game is too good to leave. DT Wings & Greens makes rewarding yourself easy.

Delicious sauces & flavors
Hand-tossed jumbo wings
Vegetarian menu
Delivery service

Why do wings matter so much? Because that's what our fans want, and we're all about making our fans happy. We offer discounts to our wonderful veterans and first responders. We also have game-day deals and Facebook giveaways. Check with us regularly for more specials and events, and make sure to join us on Facebook.

  • Down Turn Wings & Greens

    4035 CY Ave
    Casper, WY 82604


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    Phone: 307-337-2222

    Mon: 11am - 8pm
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    Sun: 11am - 8pm


Regular Wings

10 pc - 8.79
20 pc - 15.29
30 pc - 22.09
40 pc - 28.19
50 pc - 34.79

Jumbo Wings

10pc $13.89
20pc $26.39
30pc $38.89
40pc. $48.39
50pc $55.39


10 pc - 8.99
20 pc - 16.59
30 pc - 24.69
40 pc - 31.79
50 pc - 38.39

More Chicken

Combos W/ Fries & Regular Drink

10pc. 11.39
2pc. Chicken Strip 8.19
4pc. Chicken Strip 11.29
2pc. Catfish 8.19

5pc. Reg or Boneless
1 Chicken Strip
6 Mini Corn Dogs
Mac Bites or Fries & Capri Sun

Chicken Strips
2pc. $4.59
4pc. 8.39
6pc. 11.79

Family Meals

40pc w/ Side Salad and 2 liter $32.09
50pc. w/ 2 Side Salads and 2 Liter $41.89

Feeding Frenzies
150pc. $91.13
250pc $159.99



Buffalo Chicken $8.89
Ham and Turkey $7.49
Mixed Berry Almond $7.99
Apple Pecan Walnut $7.99

Veggie Wings 6.39
Stuffed Fried Pickle (1)2.49 (2)4.89
Jal. Cheddar Corn Nuggets 4.79
Fried Garlic Mushrooms 4.49
Fried Garlic Mushrooms 4.49
Jalapeno Poppers 6.09
Fried Green Beans 4.69
Onion Pedals 5.99
Zucchini Stix 3.69
Celery & Carrots 1.29


DT Mild Buffalo
DT Hot Buffalo
DT Super Hot
Mango Habanero
Hot & Spicy Garlic
Honey Honey
Honey Mustard Sauce
Sweet Thai Chili
Honey Dijon
Garlic Parm
Stingin Honey Garlic
Sweet Chili
Hot & Spicy BBQ
Honey BBQ
Reaper Madness

Dry Rubs

Honey Garlic Dry
Smoky Brown Dry
Lemon Pepper Dry
Ranch Dry
Buffalo Dry


Cheese Curds 5.09
Mac&Cheese Bites(6) 4.99
Corn Dogs (12) 5.29
Catfish Fillet (2)4.99
Mini Burritos (8) 6.89
Cole Slaw 4.89
Potato Salad 4.89
Macaroni Salad 4.89
Jal Popcorn Shrimp 5.09
Bananas Fosters Bites 5.69


Small - 1.59
Large - 1.89
2 Liter Coke Products - 2.59