DT Wings & Greens Menu


Veggie Wings 6.39
Stuffed Fried Pickle (1)2.49 (2)4.89
Jal. Cheddar Corn Nuggets 4.79
Fried Garlic Mushrooms 4.49
Fried Garlic Mushrooms 4.49
Jalapeno Poppers 6.09
Fried Green Beans 4.69
Onion Pedals 5.99
Zucchini Stix 3.69
Celery & Carrots 1.29


Buffalo Chicken $8.89
Ham and Turkey $7.49
Mixed Berry Almond $7.99
Apple Pecan Walnut $7.99



10 pc - 8.79
20 pc - 15.29
30 pc - 22.09
40 pc - 28.19
50 pc - 34.79


10pc $13.89
20pc $26.39
30pc $38.89
40pc. $48.39
50pc $55.39


10 pc - 8.99
20 pc - 16.59
30 pc - 24.69
40 pc - 31.79
50 pc - 38.39

More Chicken

Chicken Tenders

2pc. $4.59
4pc. 8.39
6pc. 11.79


10pc. 11.39 
2pc. Chicken Strip 8.19 
4pc. Chicken Strip 11.29 
2pc. Catfish 8.19 

5pc. Reg or Boneless
1 Chicken Strip 
6 Mini Corn Dogs 
Mac Bites or Fries & Capri Sun

Family Meals

40pc w/ Side Salad and 2 liter $32.09
50pc. w/ 2 Side Salads and 2 Liter $41.89


DT Mild Buffalo
DT Hot Buffalo
DT Super Hot
Mango Habanero
Hot & Spicy Garlic
Honey Honey
Honey Mustard Sauce
Sweet Thai Chili
Honey Dijon
Garlic Parm
Stingin Honey Garlic
Sweet Chili
Hot & Spicy BBQ
Honey BBQ
Reaper Madness

Dry Rubs

Honey Garlic Dry
Smoky Brown Dry
Lemon Pepper Dry
Ranch Dry
Buffalo Dry


Cheese Curds 5.09
Mac&Cheese Bites(6) 4.99
Corn Dogs (12) 5.29
Catfish Fillet (2)4.99
Mini Burritos (8) 6.89
Cole Slaw 4.89
Potato Salad 4.89
Macaroni Salad 4.89
Jal Popcorn Shrimp 5.09
Bananas Fosters Bites 5.69

We can offer you a meal that is:

We can offer you a meal that is:

  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Not cooked near meat
  • Four unique salad creations

Fresh food done right

DT Wings & Greens assures you that our food is made with a natural blend of ingredients. We make sure to provide you with options that are clean and fresh. Have a food allergy or diet restriction? Contact us at 307-337-2222 with any vegetarian or food-related questions. We want you to enjoy our environment, so we’ll try to make any dish suitable for you.

Get Into the Green Scene

Add earthly flavor to your meal

Craving a crisp salad instead of wings? Want hot wings, but also want to look hot? Find balance with a side of our fresh greens to make your wing meal complete. We are much more than a wing joint. Eating fresh and healthy food is the new cultural craze and we have the goods for your green fix. Our hand-tossed salads are made from the freshest ingredients to create unique and delicious flavors.