DT Wings & Greens Menu



10 pc - 8.79
20 pc - 15.29
30 pc - 22.09
40 pc - 28.19
50 pc - 34.79


10pc $13.89
20pc $26.39
30pc $38.89
40pc. $48.39
50pc $55.39


10 pc - 8.99
20 pc - 16.59
30 pc - 24.69
40 pc - 31.79
50 pc - 38.39

More Chicken

Chicken Strips

2pc. $4.59
4pc. 8.39
6pc. 11.79

Combos W/ Fries & Regular Drink

10pc. 11.39
2pc. Chicken Strip 8.19
4pc. Chicken Strip 11.29
2pc. Catfish 8.19

Family Meals

40pc w/ Side Salad and 2 liter $32.09
50pc. w/ 2 Side Salads and 2 Liter $41.89


Veggie Wings 6.39
Stuffed Fried Pickle (1)2.49 (2)4.89
Jal. Cheddar Corn Nuggets 4.79
Fried Garlic Mushrooms 4.49
Fried Garlic Mushrooms 4.49
Jalapeno Poppers 6.09
Fried Green Beans 4.69
Onion Pedals 5.99
Zucchini Stix 3.69
Celery & Carrots 1.29


Buffalo Chicken $8.89
Ham and Turkey $7.49
Mixed Berry Almond $7.99
Apple Pecan Walnut $7.99


DT Mild Buffalo
DT Hot Buffalo
DT Super Hot
Mango Habanero
Hot & Spicy Garlic
Honey Honey
Honey Mustard Sauce
Sweet Thai Chili
Honey Dijon
Garlic Parm
Stingin Honey Garlic
Sweet Chili
Hot & Spicy BBQ
Honey BBQ
Reaper Madness

Dry Rubs

Honey Garlic Dry
Smoky Brown Dry
Lemon Pepper Dry
Ranch Dry
Buffalo Dry


Cheese Curds 5.09
Mac&Cheese Bites(6) 4.99
Corn Dogs (12) 5.29
Catfish Fillet (2)4.99
Mini Burritos (8) 6.89
Cole Slaw 4.89
Potato Salad 4.89
Macaroni Salad 4.89
Jal Popcorn Shrimp 5.09
Bananas Fosters Bites 5.69

A Hot Date With DT Wings & Greens

Fire-breathing flavor for the best hot wings in town

You know it’s going to be a hot date if wings are involved! DT Wings & Greens has hand-spun wings with 12 flavors to keep your night smokin’ hot. We offer a house specialty sauce and we also carry Buffalo Bill's sauce for you guys who can’t handle our heat.

Next time you visit DT Wings & Greens, make sure to ask about:

Next time you visit DT Wings & Greens, make sure to ask about:

  • Wing Wednesday
  • Loyalty card

What’s a loyalty card? It’s for those crazy wing fans who just can’t get enough of DT Wings & Greens. We are passionate about wings and believe those of you who are too deserve a reward. Wing fans will get 10-piece wing set of their choice after 10 orders. Now, that is a victory worth celebrating!

Ask about this month’s lineup!

Have you got a favorite player of the month? Well, we’ve got favorite wings of the month! Who is winning now? Each month, we will have a specialized wing option to keep your taste buds on fire. Make sure to check with us to see our limited time specials. You don’t want to miss your favorite wing flavors.